Find out the real health of your electric car battery!

Informe online del estado de tu baterĂ­a

The price of an electric car is determined by the health of its battery, not the number of kilometres driven.

The second-hand price of a combustion car is determined by the year of manufacture and the number of kilometres driven. However, the price of an electric vehicle is totally linked to the state of health of its battery.

Just like your phone, batteries degrade over time. Temperature, age, charging habits, driving style, etc. influence their performance.

By becoming the next EVowier you will receive a FREE report so you can confirm that your battery health is as it should be.

Our mission

We want to make it easier for people to buy and own an electric car.
To achieve this, it is necessary for the buyer and seller to know the real state of health of their batteries.

How does it work?

We connect to your vehicle securely, and after your authorization, to collect 4 metrics that are analyzed daily.

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Connect your vehicle once and you don’t have to do anything else.

It will take less than a minute… I promise! 😉

Private and secure

Your encrypted electric vehicle data is analysed anonymously. You can review the list of shared data before granting access to it.

No commitment

You can disconnect your vehicle whenever you want. You decide at all times.

Do you own an electric car?

Find out the real value of your vehicle’s battery and compare yourself with other drivers.

Frequently asked questions

Nothing at all!

We connect to your vehicle directly through the manufacturer’s connected services. No need to open the hood at all 😉

Once you authorize access to your electric vehicle we will collect and analyze your battery levels, state of charge, odometer and estimated range.

This will allow us to generate a free, customized report for your electric vehicle including anonymous and aggregated data from other similar vehicles for you to compare.

The first step will be to authorise access to your vehicle securely through our partners.

Once this is done, we will collect and analyse the information in the previous question on a daily basis.

In a few weeks there will be many more EVowiers with their electric vehicles on the road with you.

Once there are already 1,000 of us, we will start analysing the data collected by the EVowier fleet as a whole.

As soon as we have the first reports ready, we will start sending them to you.

You will receive your personalised vehicle battery report for as long as your vehicle is connected and sharing data with us.

Great! With this hardware you are already monitoring the state of health of your battery and therefore contrasting the information provided by the manufacturer on the estimated range.

But… how would you like to be able to compare your vehicle with others of the same model and year of manufacture? This is the last step you need to take to have a 100% complete view of your battery.

Sure, as long as you have access to your vehicle’s connected services account, you can be part of EVowy.

Furthermore, knowing the battery status just before the end of the lease or rental contract can help you decide whether to buy it outright or return it.

Most major electric vehicle models are compatible, but there are some restrictions based on year of manufacture. In any case, you will need an active manufacturer’s connected services account.

During the process, we will check the compatibility of your specific vehicle.

You can check the list of compatible vehicles here.

evowy does not store your email address or password for your account with your electric vehicle manufacturer at any time.

When you authorise access to your information, you will log in to create an authentication token that allows us to obtain it without the need for your password.

The data collected for the battery reports is about your vehicle, not about you.

We do not track where you drive, only your battery status and total mileage.

As part of our data science work, data from your vehicle will only be used in aggregate to train a machine learning model that is used to score electric vehicles that are offered for sale. Your vehicle data will never be used or disseminated individually without your permission.

It’s great that you want to share with us your experience!

You can share any suggestions by sending an email to

Who are we?

We are electric car lovers and we believe that providing more transparency and trust in the buying and selling of used electric vehicles will accelerate its adoption.

We have a long way to go and we would like you to come with us.

Welcome to the EVowier family!

Somos unos enamorados del coche eléctrico

Are you still here?

Join the community of EVowiers and check the health of your electric car battery!